About DW-ShipConsult GmbH

DW-ShipConsult is Germany’s leading consulting company for Shipacoustics and Underwater acoustics. We offer custom-made solutions for every noise or vibration problem, consultancy and cooperation throughout the whole project.

As ship noise and vibration experts DW-ShipConsult has access to a vast network within the German and international maritime industry.
A small and effective team of engineers ensures high flexibility, time and cost efficiency and the creativity to master new challenges in our four fields of expertise:

Ship acoustics
  • Services
  • Ensure that all noise and vibration requirements on board are fulfilled
  • Reduce onboard noise
  • Reduce underwater radiated noise
  • Reduce ship noise in ports
  • Typical Activities:
  • Noise analysis and MSC.337(91) compliance consulting for cargo ship designs
  • Acoustic quality management for premium customers (Mega-Yachts, Navy, Research)
  • Noise and vibration measurements on ships, in ports and underwater
  • Services:
  • Measurement of underwater noise, data processing and interpretation
  • Calculation of underwater noise propagation in the oceans
  • Modelling of ocean noise maps
  • Typical Activities:
  • Long-term underwater noise recording in vicinity of wind park construction sites
  • Measurement and evaluation of underwater noise from cruise ships, cargo vessels and research vessels
  • Services:
  • Ship hull design for planing and semi-planing boats with emphasis on optimization of fuel efficiency and manoeuvrability
  • Typical Activities:
  • Development of the Parametric Fast Hull pfh
Engineering Services
  • Services:
  • Management and supervision of maritime related complex projects
  • Integration of applications in complex systems (e.g. ships)
  • Development and testing
  • Typical Activities:
  • Integration of sound insulation systems on ships
  • Development of a harbor protection system, the electronic underwater harbour protection fence



Dr.-Ing. Dietrich Wittekind
Dr.-Ing. Dietrich Wittekind, who founded the company in 2004, held various management positions on shipyards and was Managing Director of the Hamburg Ships Model Basin HSVA.

He has worked in the field of ship acoustics for 25 years and is lecturer at the University of Technology in Hamburg, Germany.

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