Engineering Services

The different systems on board ships and on offshore platforms have to meet many special requirements different from land based systems. Apart from noise and vibration requirements, shock and ship motion as well as other system requirements have to be considered. DW-ShipConsult offers help with the integration of different parts into the ship or offshore platform already in operation as well as in new buildings. Long years of experience in the maritime industry have made DW-ShipConsult a reliable partner for different engineering services and innovative projects. Always ready to take on a new challenge DW-ShipConsult offers high quality consultancy and engineering.

Our services include:

  • Integration of equipment in ships
  • Consultancy questions concerning shipbuilding requirements
  • Consultancy on rules and regulations
  • Ship construction planning and design
  • Coordination of complex technical projects in the maritime industry

Some of the different projects DW-ShipConsult has participated in are:

  • Engineering and design of an innovative electronic fence against underwater intruders
  • Strength analysis of an offshore converter platform during jack-up using finite element analysis
  • Grounding accident analysis of a sailing yacht using finite element analysis
  • Integration and testing of a hoistable mast
  • Product development of a quiet electric linear actuator
  • Market analysis for medium speed diesel engines
  • Deformation analysis of a steel structure after accidental drop using finite element analysis
  • Assistance in product development of a swimmer delivery vehicle
  • Project management and system development course
  • Shock analysis of electronic components
  • Integration analysis (strength, shock, acoustics) of marine gears
  • Various static and dynamic calculations with FEA (finite element analysis
engineering services

engineering services

Electronic underwater harbor protection fence

DW-ShipConsult has developed an electronic underwater fence to protect harbors against underwater intruders. The innovative design of the electronic barrier guarantees security, intruders can be located at once. Ships can pass through gates. The electronic fence has been tested successfully in the Baltic Sea.

Features of the underwater harbor protection fence:
  • Woven fibre optic cable in steel framing
  • 24/7 intruder detection
  • Below and above surface
  • Precise indication of damage location
  • Robust to environmental loads
  • Modular design
  • Made from off-the-shelf components
  • Gates for ship traffic
Application of the underwater harbor protection fence

Protection of harbors, coastlines and passages by complete mechanical blockage. A combination with radar, optronics and sonar is possible.


Engineered and prototype tested.

system integration
system integration
system integration