Underwater noise

With profound knowledge on underwater noise propagation in the oceans as well as in shallow waters DW-ShipConsult provides expertise in many aspects of underwater acoustics. From underwater noise measurements to data analysis DW-ShipConsult is a reliable partner for complex hydroacoustic projects.

Our activities include:

  • Measurement of underwater radiated noise from ships for technical purposes
  • Data Analysis and interpretation
  • (Numerical) calculation of underwater sound propagation
  • Calculation and prediction of pile driving or shipping noise
  • Analysis and assessment of noise mitigation measure effectiveness
  • Development of noise maps

DW-ShipConsult is collaborating on several projects for environmental agencies researching the effects of anthropogenic (man-made) noise on marine life. DW-ShipConsult played an important part in the development of the sound propagation software SEANAT to model sound propagation at sea. DW-ShipConsult is developing a noise map for the German EEZ (Economic Exclusive Zone) and is part of the MSRL workshop in Germany.

DW-ShipConsult is able to provide underwater noise measurements for all kinds of ships including data analysis and consultation on mitigation measures. (e.g. for Research Vessels under DNV Silent R Class regulation and compliance with environmental requirements)

Figure 4: Underwater noise measurements



Figure 1: Visualization of Transmission Loss in SEANAT software

Figure 2: Visualization of sound pressure distribution in the Baltic Sea by SEANAT software

Figure 3: Deployment of measuring equipment inside a trawl shield