Innovative hulls for fast ships

The Parametric Fast Hull
The "pfh" is a new hull for planing and semiplaning ships developed for minimum power requirements, very low fuel consumption and outstanding manoeuvrability.
This innovative hull is successfully used in a pilot vessel on the river Elbe and demonstrates these advantages in daily operations.

  • deep V forward, concave bottom aft
  • airfoil shaped hull
  • pressure distribution counteracts stern down trim around hump speed
  • suitable for monohulls and multihulls
  • optimal for Fn > 0.8
  • Not suitable for very high speed > Fn=1,5
  • Very low power requirements compared to conventional designs
  • Superior seakeeping behaviour
  • Low wash
  • Very low draught
  • Very good manoeuvrability
  • Predestined for water jet propulsion
  • Very spacious aft
fast parametric hull principle
hydrodynamic pilot boat
Figure 1: Pilot Boat NĂ¼bbel
hydrodynamic hull cfd
Figure 2: Computational Fluid Dynamics Calculation (CFD) of bottom pressure

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Current projects

hydrodynamic fast luxury yacht
Model 1: Fast Luxury Yacht

80t Fast Luxury Yacht optimized for 20 to 36 knots.

hydrodynamic fast patrol boat
Model 2: Fast Patrol Boat

180t Fast Patrol Boat optimized for 33 knots.

hydrodynamic fast fisherman yacht
Model 3: Fast Fisherman Yacht

55t Fast Fisherman Yacht optimized for 35 knots.