Recent Activities


SMM 2018: Advancing for market leadership in Ship Noise Control

Since SMM 2016 DW-ShipConsult took further steps in establishing its position as the European market leader in Ship Noise Consultancy. Five additional shipyards signed cooperation contracts to ensure that their products meet the challenging specifications on onboard noise or underwater radiated noise of their special vessels. DW-ShipConsult’s competitive advantage to pay high emphasis on a most cost and weight efficient solution has been the main reason for the acquisition of these new customers.

During the last years, propulsion system supplier, engine or gearbox manufacturer were facing an increasing demand on their products acoustic performance. Providing certified measurement data or customized acoustic consultancy, DW-ShipConsult is assisting these companies to improve the noise and vibration characteristics of their products and document those in a transparent and comprehensive way.

Participating in international programs and in close cooperation with Port Authorities, DW-ShipConsult tackles the problem of ship noise in ports. Comprehensive investigations of sources and effects allow DW-ShipConsult to develop sustainable and competitive solutions to reduce ship noise emissions.


DW-ShipConsult is participating in the NEPTUNES project

Acting as acoustic expert for the Hamburg Port Authority, DW-ShipConsult provides valuable knowledge and insight on the shipacoustic causes of noise in ports.
Project NEPTUNES (Noise Exploration Program To Understand Noise Emitted by Seagoing ships) aims to mitigate the noise pollution from seagoing vessels by developing an universal measurement protocol, guidelines for noise labelling of vessels and a best practice guide for noise hindrance reduction measures.
As Naval Architects and Shipacoustic experts, DW-ShipConsult contributes with its long term experience in mitigating ship noise. Especially insights from past projects where low frequency noise from ship exhaust gas outlets and ventilation fans were reduced by DW engineers are very valuable for the NEPTUNES project.
It is our mission to assist ports, shipowners and residents to establish a sustainable coexistence with equal respect to economic needs and habitability.
DW-ShipConsult intends to reach that goal in promoting a three step approach

  • Identify what noise immission is perceived as most annoying
  • Identify what source is causing that noise
  • Mitigate these causes in an efficient way by concentrating on the most important ones
If you are looking for further information on our shipacoustic solutions, please contact Mr. Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Büchler,


Noise control on commercial ships

This year, three LPG Carrier and one Chemical Tanker were the first four Japanese ships to fulfil the new IMO Code on Noise MSC.337(91). The new mandatory limits required new approaches on the shipdesign at all four yards. With the assistance of DW-ShipConsult, the initial designs were analysed concerning their acoustic properties. Noise predictions for onboard noise were conducted, critical areas were identified and recommendations for noise countermeasures were given. In the process DW-ShipConsult was able to identify the most economic approach to comply with the MSC.337(91) thus helping the shipyards to save costs. Kegoya-Dock, Kyokuyo Shipyard, Miura and Kitanihon Shipbuilding showed during their sea trials that the measured sound levels on their ships all remain below the required limits. This successful implementation of a good noise control concept provided a big relief for the shipbuilders who needed to get it right on the first try.


SMM Hamburg 2016

For the second time DW-ShipConsult exhibited their noise and vibration control services at the SMM from 06.09-09.09.2016 in Hamburg. In cooperation with Wölfel GmbH showed the newest developments in noise and vibration control on ships. We were happy to welcome so many interested parties from all over the world and having so many conversations on shipacoustic issues. We would like to thank everybody who stopped by at our booth.


New Silencer for ships

DW-ShipConsult developed a new type of silencer for ships. In cities like Hamburg, where the port is in close vicinity to residential areas, the noise emitted by ships during harbour operation becomes an ever growing point of concern. Especially low-frequency noise from the generator engine exhaust can travel long distances and is perceived as a very annoying tone by the human ear. The usually applied absorber-type silencers on the ships do not provide sufficient attenuation at these low frequencies.
To counter this problem, DW-ShipConsult developed a special low frequency silencer, able to attenuate the most annoying tones. A key element of this invention is possibility of a quick integration during the routine port calls. This way, installation costs are kept to a minimum and idle time is avoided. Noise in ports is no imperative any more. It is a challenge, easy to solve.


Noise and Vibration Control at the Sea Japan Fair

From 13th to 15th April we will present our services in noise and vibration control at the Sea Japan Fair in Tokyo.
We are looking forward to establish new cooperations with local shipbuilders and also to meet our trusted Japanese customers.
We cordially invite all interested companies to our booth GER-03 to learn more about our noise and vibration control philosophy, which provides our customers with a plan for the most efficient ship noise mitigation measures in the early design stage.


DW-ShipConsult, exhibitor at the Marintec China

From 1st to 4th December 2015 the Marintec China trade fair took place in Shanghai where DW-ShipConsult had a booth in the German Pavillion.

Noise control on board is becoming more important in the shipbuilding industry as shown by the numerous visitors and requests. Many customers are looking for an independent and professional recommendation for noise control measures now that the new IMO Code on Noise MSC.337(91) is applied for an increasing number of new building projects.
During the Sea Japan fair we are going to show how a conceptual noise analysis and noise control during the early phases of a ship design is the best way to receive these recommendations.



Trip to Japan

DW-ShipConsult has taken a 3 weeks business trip to Japan to visit our customers and meet new contacts. During the tour organized by CAJS and ClassNK we visited 13 different shipyards inspecting the current state of noise and vibration control and giving advice where needed. Furthermore DW-ShipConsult presented our abilities to support shipyards in an efficient implementation of the new IMO Code on Noise [MSC.337(91)] in 4 ClassNK seminars. More than 400 participants from the Japanese maritime industry were able to learn about the advantages of an early noise analysis.
ClassNK, CAJS and DW-ShipConsult are in favor of continuing the successful collaboration.


Testing pfh-Prototype "Plattenyacht"

Just in time for the Kieler Woche the pfh-prototype "Plattenyacht" has arrived in Kiel. DW-ShipConsult staff were able to experience the advantages of the pfh during a test drive.

For further information on Plattenyacht and pfh go to

Plattenyacht in Kiel


Research Vessel »Sonne« in Kiel

Before leaving for Las Palmas and travelling on to the Pacfic and Indian Ocean the research vessel »Sonne« stopped in Kiel. We took the opportunity to visit the ship for a last time after being part of the construction process as acoustic consultants.



Dr. Dietrich Wittekind attended two conferences as an invited speaker in November 2014.

On 06 - 07 November 2014 he travelled to Istanbul for the "1st International Meeting on Propeller Noise and Vibration" to speak on "Propeller Cavitation Noise and Background Noise in the Sea".

On 25 November 2014 he was invited as keynote speaker to the 2nd Haifa Conference on Mediterranean Sea Research in Israel where he talked about "Underwater Noise Pollution by Commercial Shipping and Offshore Activities".


SMM Hamburg 2014

DW-ShipConsult: Exhibitor at the SMM Hamburg

From 09 - 12 September 2014 DW-ShipConsult has exhibited at the SMM in Hamburg. We were able to greet many international and local visitors at our booth, form new contacts and meet with our clients.
We would like to thank everybody who stopped by and visited us. It has been a successful first time as exhibitors and we are looking forward to our next fair.


Visit of Chinese Delegation

A delegation from CSIC Shanxi Fenxi Heavy Industry Co., Ltd (China) has visited us to discuss future business opportunities. A vivid exchange of information on the respective fields of activity showed potential for future cooperation.

Together with representatives from E-MS GmbH & CO.KG, INEC GmbH and Ingenieurbüro Dr. Olaf Berndt the meeting took place on the premises of DW-ShipConsult.


New Office

DW-ShipConsult has moved to new offices in Lise-Meitner-Str. 9, 24223 Schwentinental.
You can still reach us at our known phone numbers.