Other Projects

Development of the "Electronic Underwater Harbor Protection Fence"
Customer: Elta Systems Ltd.
Objective: To develop a smart underwater fence for harbor protection which is able to localize a penetration of the meshes with high accuracy.
Scope: Feasibility study, basic and detailed design, testing of subsystems, testing of prototype, construction, Design of a construction site in collaboration with several subcontractors.
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Development of an Acoustic Ship Model
Customer: Research Project
Objective: To provide reliable input parameters for ocean noise maps.
Project description: The development of an underwater noise map relies on a variety of input parameters. While the environmental factors like wind, waves, temperature and sea bottom particulars can be measured quite well, it is more difficult to assess the emitted noise of ships. Ship size or type alone is no proxy for a reliable noise radiation prediction. The acoustic ship model considers a variety of characteristics which influence the emitted noise directly or indirectly and is able to extract the needed information automatically out of available datasets (e.g. AIS and ship databases).
Link: PDF-Download

Development of the Fast Pilot Boat “Nübbel” with a superior hull design
The “Nübbel” Fast Pilot Boat was launched 2007 and is the third boat with the “Parametric Fast Hull”, pfh. This hull design allows “Nübbel” to operate with 30% less fuel consumption and still reaching the design speed. It is still operating on the River Elbe and shows his superior maneuverability in its daily routine.

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