Ship acoustics

Research Vessels
  • Consultancy throughout the whole design and construction process for deep sea research vessel SONNE. Customer: Meyer Werft 2011-2014
  • Design consultancy for concept design consultancy of ice research drilling vessel Aurora Borealis. Customer: Wärtsilä Design, Hamburg 2008
  • Design consultancy for concept design of Polar Research Vessel for Polar Research Institute of China. Customer: Wärtsilä Design, Hamburg, 2008
  • Design consultancy for contract design of German Icebreaking Research Vessel Polarstern II. Customer: Ship Design and Consult (SDC) and Federal Waterways Engineering and Research Institute, 2014-2015
  • Design consultancy for contract design of German research vessel Walter Herwig III. Customer: Federal Waterways Engineering and Research Institute 2014
Yacht and Megayacht Projects

For confidentiality reasons we cannot provide the names of our clients or any further specifics on the projects.

  • Noise and vibration analysis for 180 m Megayacht
  • Noise consultancy for 160 m Megayacht
  • Propulsion design consultancy for 150 m Megayacht
  • Propulsion design analysis for 140 m Megayacht
  • Underwater noise measurements for 140m Megayacht
  • Noise and vibration measurements for 140m Megayacht and 80m Yachts
  • Trouble shooting for propulsion and exhaust noise for four 90 m Yachts
  • Propulsion noise analysis for 90 m Yacht
  • Noise and vibration consultancy during initial design for three 80 m Yachts.
  • Thorough noise and vibration consultancy for a special 80m Yacht
  • Noise and Vibration analysis for 80 m Yacht
  • Propulsion noise analysis for 60 m Yacht

Some projects were accompanied with FEA.

Military Vessels

Ship acoustic consultancy for naval surface and subsurface vessels. Projects in this sector are strictly confidential.

Offshore Vessels
  • Development of an acoustic concept, noise and vibration control optimization of basic design, quality control in later design phases for an icebreaking Offshore-Supply Vessel
  • Noise and Vibration analysis and design optimization for Offshore Crew Transport Vessel
  • Noise propagation analysis, risk assessment, recommendations for noise countermeasures and MSC.337(91) compliance assistance for a 9,300 GT Cable Laying Vessel
Offshore Structures
  • Structural analysis of piles and piledriving processes with the aim to mitigate impulsive underwater noise
  • Structural and vibration analysis (FEA and measurements) for an Offshore Converter Platform
Commercial Ships
  • Noise and vibration analysis for a 12,500 DWT Multipurpose Vessel
  • Noise and vibration analysis for a 19,000 GT Chemical Tanker
  • Noise analysis including level prediction, risk assessment, optimization of noise countermeasures for:
    • 82,000 GT LPG Carrier
    • 25,000 GT Chemical Tanker
    • 10,800 GT Chemical Tanker
    • 8,000 GT LNG Carrier
    • 3,000 GT LPG Carrier
    • 2,300 GT Chemical Tanker
    • 55,000 DWT Bulk Carrier
    • 36,500 DWT Lake Cargo Ship
    • 16,500 DWT Tween Decker
    • 5,500 DWT Fly Ash Carrier
    • 3,500 DWT Tanker
  • Noise and vibration exposure measurement according to MLC 2006 requirements on 11 different Chemical and Product Tankers
  • Trouble shooting projects on Chemical Tankers to reduce emitted ship noise from fans and exhaust pipes
  • Underwater noise measurements for a Cruise Ship, a Container Vessel and a Bulk Carrier in the open sea
  • Measurement of underwater radiated noise of a Bulk Carrier during cargo handling operation in port

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