Ship acoustics

DW-ShipConsult is your experienced partner for all noise and vibration issues on board.
Whether the disturbance is on board, in the water or in the harbor we help you to make your ship quiet.
Our vast experience enables us to solve even difficult problems quickly and efficiently.

The two business units in our shipacoustics department are:

Commercial:Cargo Vessels, Platforms, Vessels for the Offshore Industry
Special:Mega-Yachts, Naval Vessels, Research Vessels, Cruise Ships

In our projects we help shipyards, owners or designers to meet their acoustic demands. These can be:

  • IMO Code on Noise MSC.337 (91) noise limits and privacy requirements
  • MLC 2006 requirements on Noise and Vibration
  • Flag state rules
  • Class notations
  • ICES 209 regarding underwater radiated noise (especially for research vessels)
  • Sonar self noise requirements
  • Special owners requirements for passenger comfort (especially in Yacht projects)
  • Military issues

From "quick guess" to "ensured acoustical excellence", our customers can select every depth of our services in acoustical expertise. Depending on customer expectations and project complexity we offer individual solutions for every noise and vibration problem.

A few examples from our portfolio are:

Noise analysis report/ Vibration analysis report
  • Calculation of expected noise levels with the empirical noise assessment tool DW-Compass
  • Calculation of expected vibration levels with analytical and / or numerical tools
  • Comparison with applicable regulatory limits
  • Identification of risky areas and critical noise sources
  • Analysis of compliance risk
Customer benefit:
  • Quick and thorough check of an existing ship design
  • Also applicable in the very early design stage
Optimization of noise abatement measures
  • Based on prior noise analysis
  • Provides recommendations to achieve compliance with MSC.337(91) limits or other requirements on noise and vibration
  • Systematical approach to show which measures have which effect
  • Interactive process to achieve the best result for the customer
Customer benefit:
  • Comprehensible through transparent cause-effect description
  • Identification of most efficient vibration / noise countermeasures
  • Investigation of vibration / noise problem on the ship or in port
  • Identification of responsible vibration / noise sources and transmission paths
  • (Numerical) analysis of the existing problem
  • Development of suitable abatement measures
Customer benefit:
  • Severe acoustic problems can be solved even during operational use of the ship
Comprehensive project consultancy
  • Consultancy and attendance throughout the whole design, construction, trial and purchase process with the aim to minimize unwanted noise in the new ship
  • Development of an acoustical concept due to given requirements
  • Close and regular monitoring of specifications and drawings
  • On site monitoring and quality insurance
  • Quality control and compliance certification before acceptance
Customer benefit:
  • Most effective and cost-efficient way to ensure acoustic compliance of the ship
  • Indiscernible additional weight input
  • Minimum of additional space required
Noise and vibration measurements and reports
  • Noise and vibration measurements on board at sea and in port conditions according to MSC.337(91) or other international regulation requirements (e.g. MLC 2006 related rules)
  • Data analysis
  • Risk assessment for each work group on demand
  • Report and compliance documentation
  • Consultancy on noise and vibration mitigation measures
  • Development of acoustic concepts
Customer benefit:
  • Compliance with required international standards
  • Reduced risk for the crew

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