DW-ShipConsult is your partner for Noise and Vibration Control on board ships. 

effect, weight & costs of countermeasures

noise on board, vibration on board, sound propagation in the ocean

during ship design, construction & operation

unwanted noise & vibration on board, underwater noise

Noise and Vibration prevention during newbuilding

We assist shipyards during planning, design and construction of a vessel to comply with any specifications on noise and vibration on board, underwater radiated noise (URN) or sonar self noise. Some of our typical services are: 

  • Analysis of acoustic requirements during pre contract phase. Review and consultancy. 
  • Development of an acoustic concept during design phase. Prediction of expected noise and vibration levels, comparison with specified levels, development of limit curves for noise emitting equipment.
  • Consultancy on all acoustic issues during design, purchase and system integration. Recommendations for the optimal and most efficient combination of all acoustic countermeasures. Investigation of cost saving potentials.
  • Acoustic control and acoustic management of all noise emitting components
  • Noise and vibration compliance measurements of all emitting components on the ship during (Factory Acceptance Test) and SAT (Sea Acceptance Test)
  • Measurement of underwater radiated noise at sea.

Do you have any more questions?

Please contact us directly or take a look on some of our references. There you can find a collection of projects where we successfully ensured the acoustic compliance during the newbuilding of Mega-Yachts, Research Vessels, Ferries, Naval Vessels or all kinds of Cargo Ships. 

Solving of Noise and Vibration problems on operating vessels

Rattling panels or floors? Structural damages due to vibration? Or is it too loud in some cabins to rent them to good paying guests on your ship?

No matter what your challenge is: If it is about noise and vibration, we will find the cause and solve it. 
Typical services are: 

  • Cause investigation of vibration problems on board. Recommendations on effective and suitable countermeasures.
  • Comparative measurements before and after a refit or between different ships.
  • Cause investigation of noise problems on board of Cruise Ships, Ferries, Yachts etc. Recommendations on suitable and efficient noise countermeasures. 
  • Certified noise and vibration measurements as third party.

If you want to know more about how we can help you, you may contact us directly. We are happy to discuss possible causes, intended procedures and success probability before furnishing a proposal suitable to your needs. 


DW-ShipConsult is certified by ClassNK as approved service supplier for noise measurements on board ships. 

Our measurements services enclose: 

  • Airborne noise measurements according to ISO 2923:2003 “Measurement of noise on board vessels”
  • Airborne noise measurements on board for certification of MSC.337(91) or MLC 2006 compliance
  • Measurement of vibration with regard to habitability according to ISO 20283-5:2016 “Measurement of vibration on ships – Part 5: Guidelines for measurement, evaluation and reporting of vibration with regard to habitability on passenger and merchant ships”
  • Measurement of structural vibration in vicinity of the noise sources according to ISO20283-2:2008 “Mechanical vibration — Measurement of vibration on ships — Part 2: Measurement of structural vibration”
  • Impedance measurements of foundations
  • Underwater radiated noise measurements for compliance with ICES 209 or DNV Silent Class
  • Underwater Radiated Noise Measurements according to DIN ISO 17208
  • Measurement of Privacy / Sound Reduction / Tapping Noise accord. to ISO 16283, ISO 140 and ISO 717
  • Measurements and analysis accord. to ISO 10816, ISO 8528-9, ISO 20283 oder ISO 2631
  • Operational Deflection Shape (ODS) measurements
  • Modal analysis on motors and component