Acoustic optimization of engines and other marine machinery

DW-ShipConsult assists manufacturers of engines, gearboxes, pumps, ventilation, bow thrusters etc. to ensure compliance with requirements on:

  • Structure borne noise
  • Airborne noise
  • Shock integrity

During design and newbuilding

  • Acoustic analysis of design
  • Prediction of airborne and structure borne noise levels
  • Development of solutions to comply with limits

For operating equipment

Certified measurements of noise and vibration
In case of exceedance:

  • Measurements
  • Identification of causes for the problem
  • Recommendations of suitable countermeasures

Together with the manufacturer we develop single or double elastic mounting systems to minimize structure borne noise emissions. 

Airborne Noise Measurements / Structureborne Noise Measurements

  • Measurements and analysis accord. to ISO 10816, ISO 8528-9, ISO 20283 oder ISO 2631
  • Operational Deflection Shape (ODS) measurements
  • Modal analysis on motors and components